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Note: some advertising providers do not have this feature enabled


  • The WYSIWYG Editor is commonly used as an option for editable fillers to allow you to type and edit the formatting of your own filler campaign message.
  • Please check with your newspaper contact, as they will be able to confirm if the WYSIWYG Editor has been enabled for you.
  • The formatting buttons are a representation of a very basic word processor application, it gives you bold, italic and underline, as well as the ability to change alignment, size and colour of the selected copy.


  • The best way to use the WYSIWYG Editor is to type the relevant copy into the field entry space, then edit to your requirements using the available formatting buttons.
  • Otherwise, unformatted text must be copied and pasted from Notepad, other programs like MS Word tend to also include certain formatting instructions when you copy and paste, any pre-formatted text will not show correctly in the Ad Preview.


Please also note the following buttons which are dedicated to the WYSIWYG Editor:

Remove formatting - clears out any existing formatting for any highlighted text.

Wysiwyg 3.png

Toggle fullscreen mode - expands the WYSIWYG Editor to full screen.

Wysiwyg 5.png

HTML Edit Source - allows you to view and edit the HTML code being used by the WYSIWYG copy (please only use this is if have some basic knowledge of HTML).

Wysiwyg 4.png

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