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Icons from left to right:

1. Go back to first page

2. Go back one page

3. Enter page number

4. Go forward one page

5. Go forward to last page

6. Refresh stock list

7. Delete selected stock

8. Choose folder Active/Archive/Deleted (Deleted folder will not show for Estate Agents)

9. Move selected stock between Active and Archive

10. Show a preview of images in the stock list

11. Opens a report of all stock to be printed, hold down shift before clicking to just report on selected properties

12. Duplicate selected stock

13. Mark the selected stock as "Selected for Ad" - these will then show when creating an ad

14. Mark the selected stock as "Not Selected for Ad" - these will then not show when creating an ad

15. The three numbers show: Stock selected for ad / Stock selected in the list / Classified stock

16. Reset columns - this will reset the layout of the columns if changes have been made / Right-clicking the icon will allow you to toggle the Feed/Manual stock on or off

17. Search bar - this will search across all fields on all stock and will show only those relevant stock in your stock list