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What are group character styles?

Group character styles are styles which have been added to a specific group via PM2.5, instead of having to reupload every Indesign document with changes you can enable a style easily inside the admin.

Group character styles support all functions inside Indesign and now drop shadows (only available on group character styles).


How to enable group character styles

To enable group character styles you need to do this through PM2.5 Admin.

1. Go to PM2.5 > Tools > Group Character Styles Is this option missing? Contact to be updated to the latest version


2. Click "Create new style" then "edit" and fill out the relevant options Don't forget to click save after!


How to use group character styles within Ezadspro

Once you have created your group character styles, you can now enable them inside Ezadspro by simply entering the character style into Ezadspro stock window