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  • The "Flash Generator" allows you to create your own custom built flashes
  • Please check with your newspaper contact who will be able to confirm if the "Flash Generator" has been enabled for your user account
  • Right click on any stock record on an Ad and select the "Flash Generator" option to show a menu where you can Create New, Select, Copy, Edit, Delete, create a new Colour Swatch or Deselect All of the generated flashes you have used for your Ad.

Flash generator tool menu.png


  • When selecting to "Create New Flash", you will be given a list of options that will allow you to give your flash a Style Name, set the Position, make it Relative To either an image container or the actual item template, set the Width % + Height % measurements, set the Font Face, Text Colour and the Copy you want to appear.

Flash generator 2.png

Style Name - the name or the label given to the flash option

Position - where you want the flash to appear on the item template

Relative to - this can be to of any of the configured image containers or the complete item template

Shape - the shape you want the flash element to appear as

Width % - relative to the item template

Height % - relative to the item template

Font face - sets the font for the flash. It is generally advisable to use a condensed version of the font

Background colour - the CMYK values for the flash background

Text colour - the CMYK values of the text copy of the flash

Copy - the text copy shown in the flash when selected

Advanced Options

  • The advanced options allow you to customise your flash further, allowing you to set the Character + Word Spacing, Shadow Colour, Stroke Width + Colour, Centre Rotation, Horizontal + Vertical Shadow.

Flash generator 3.png

Character Spacing - spacing between each letter set in points

Word Spacing - spacing between each word set in points

Shadow Colour - the CMYK values for the drop shadow on the text of the flash

Stroke Width - the width of the stroke around the text of the flash set in points

Stroke Colour - the CMYK value for the stroke

Centre Rotation - the angle for the flash, rotated from the centre of the flash

Horizontal Shadow - the horizontal offset of the drop shadow in points

Vertical Shadow - the vertical offset of the drop shadow in points

  • Any saved flashes will be available for selection under the "Flash Generator" menu under the "Select Flash" option.

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