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Logging in

Q1. What credentials do I need to login?

Q2. I have forgotten my password, is there a way to retrieve this?

Q3. I have googled “ezadspro” and found the website, but I can’t find anywhere to login?

Q4. My contact at my advertising provider has given me a different url and login details but I already have a url and login details for a different advertising provider group. Is this the login I will need to use for all my your advertising provider advertising going forward?

Q5. I have tried to access the site but I get a page showing Service Temporarily Unavailable. What does this mean?

Q6. I have tried to access the site but I get a page showing Bad Request. What does this mean?

Q7. I have tried to access the site but I get a page showing one of the below Page Errors ✪ - What does this mean?

Q8. I have tried to access the site but I get a page showing one of the below Page Errors ✪ - I am able to access other websites, what might be causing this?

Page Errors ✪

Stock List

Q1. Can my feed import time be altered to suit my advertising provider deadlines?

Q2. Some stock records are no longer in my active folder. Have they been archived?

Q3. How do I edit a stock record from the “Stock List” table?

Q4. Some field entries+images are updating from the feed, but some are not. Why is this?

Q5. Is there a way to differentiate between a locked and unlocked field entries + images?

Q6. I have more than one stock record listed in the same street and I only know them by sight. Can I view a thumbnail preview of each to identify them?

Q7. How do I sort my stock in price order?

Q8. I have multiple pages of stock, can I search for a stock record rather than sifting through the pages?

Q9. Some of my "Feed Images" are not appearing in my stock record image tray. Where are they?

Q10. How do I upload an image?

Q11. How do I change the order of my images?

Q12. How do I manually add a stock record?

Q13. Is there a way to differentiate between live and manually created records?

Q14. When any manually created stock records become live records, will any field entries I have populated be updated if they are different to the feed record?

Q15. How do I select stock records for Ad?

Q16. Some stock records are already selected for Ad without me selecting them. Why is this?

Q17. Will the stock records auto-deselect once I have used them for my ad or will I need to reselect them again?

Q18. Is there a way of quickly knowing how many stock records I have selected for Ad?

Ad List

Ad Creation

Q1. I have booked a page with my advertising provider for my w/c Ad, do I need to specify the URN when I go to create my Ad?

Q2. How do I select a backing template for my Ad?

Q3. What is the "Use Selected" checkbox?

Q4. How do I choose an item template for my Ad?

Q5. Is there an easier way to identify the available item templates rather than just by their name?

Q6. Can I edit stock when creating my Ad?

Q7. Is there a way to flow stock records on in price order?

Q8. When I drag+drop a stock record onto the Ad, the grid position flashes up red and the stock record defects back to my "Stock List". Why is this?

Q9. When I swap two stock records that are already on the Ad, the grid position flashes up red and the stock records defects back to their original positions. Why is this?

Q10. Is there a way to change template once a stock record is already on my Ad?

Q11. Is there a way to pre-assign a template to a stock record before flowing it onto the Ad?

Q12. When I am building my Ad, is there a way to deselect the stock records I no longer need for my Ad?

Q13. When selecting ticked items for Ad, I like to create a shortlist of stock records..meaning that when I come to build my Ad there might be a handful of stock records in my list that I don’t want to use for this week. Is there alternative Ad flow method for me working this way?

Q14. I have forgotten to select a stock record for Ad, can I retrieve it without having to go back to the main “Stock List” to reselect it?

Q15. I see that flowing stock records left to right is the default, can I flow stock records top to bottom?

Q16. How do I proof an Ad?

Q17. Can I view an Ad proof in the browser?

Q18. How do I remove a stock record from the Ad back to my "Stock List"?

Q19. When I place a stock record onto my Ad it is no longer in my “Stock List”. Why is this?

Q20. How do I "Remove All" stock records from my Ad?

Q21. How do I crop an image?

Q22. After cropping an image, is the crop retained when I come to use the same image for another Ad?

Q23. How do I reset an image back to its original settings?

Q24. How is the image positioned if I don’t apply any cropping to it?

Q25. I have tried cropping my image, but I’m still unable to get the complete shot of the house to show in the container, part of the roof is chopped of. Why is this?

Q26. Is there are workaround when my image is the wrong shape for the container?

Q27. Some of stock records are showing a message that says “Image quality is too low. Please upload image with better quality”. What does this mean?

Q28. I have attempted to upload a higher res image but that has failed the DPI check and I have no alternative image. What should I do?

Q29. Some of the text is highlighted pink. What does this mean?

Q30. Is there a character count for the number of characters I have typed into a paragraphed field?

Q31. How do I add a generic flash?

Q32. What is the flash generator?

Q33. How do I add a static flash?

Q34. Whats WYSIWYG?

Q35. How do I add a filler to my Ad?

Q35. Can I upload my own filler?

Q36. I want to upload my own filler but I don't know the size I need to tell my designer. Is the a way of working out the required size for my filler artwork?

User Preferences

Q1. How do I update my account details such as my email and password?

Q2. I have approved my Ad which now has a status of “Downloaded”, but I have not received a delivery receipt to confirm that my Ad has been received by the advertising provider. Is there something I need to do to ensure that the Ad delivery receipts are sent to my email address?

Q3. My stock list is currently showing 100 listings per page, is there a way to change the number of listings per page?

Q4. Is it possible to default to my “Ad List” rather than my “Stock List” when I login?

Q5. I like to frequently alternate stock records I advertise each week. The stock records I advertised in the previous week are usually not required for the following week. Is there a way I can allow stock records to "Deselect On Flow" rather than having to manually deselect the stock records I used from the previous week?