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Dynamic fields are very useful for changing and removing fields from Ezadspro's stock edit screen

Why use them?

  • You can use Dynamic Fields to rename a field e.g. Town to Booking Reference
  • They also give the client a better understanding of where the text needs to be entered for certain fields on their item
  • You can also completely remove fields if they are not in use, making a cleaner and easier stock edit screen

How to use them?

  • Go into your chosen group and scroll down to the "New Interface" drop down.
  • You will see the Dynamic Fields entry box


  • First start by using the property or vehicle example
  • This will give you the fields as shown above, you can now edit the first option to change the field names inside Ezadspro or use a "." to complete disable the fields e.g.
This is the new field name;Area



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