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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
|- style="vertical-align: top;"
|- style="vertical-align: top;"
!style="width:30%;"|            Formatting an abbreviated year                                                                                                     
!style="width:10%;"|            Formatting an abbreviated year                                                                                                     
|- id="emph" style="align: middle;"
|- id="emph" style="align: middle;"

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Below is a list of helpful autofills you can use to customize templates:
''If you require a list of the possible fields please add "/field_names.a4d to the server URL e.g. "http://payg.ezadspro.co.uk/field_names.a4d"

If a field is not in use then use another

<%If([Lineage]internet_description="")%> <%write("{{character2}}"+[Lineage]Strap_line+", "+[Lineage]PropertyAddress+", "+[Lineage]Area+", "+[Lineage]Town+", "+[Lineage]County+"{TAB}")%> <%else%> <%write("{{character1}}"+[lineage]internet_description)%> <%end if%>

i.e If internet description is not in use then apply style character2 followed by the strap line, address, area, town and county.

Otherwise use character1 style and the internet field

Formatting a numeric price


i.e user inputs 342455 and £342,455 is outputted

Formatting an abbreviated year


i.e user inputs 2016 and 16 is outputted

If a flash exists

<% If([Lineage]flash_1#"") %><% write([lineage]flash_1) %><% else %><% write([lineage]price)%><% end if %>

i.e (Flash 1 contains text) - SOLD
i.e (Flash 1 is empty) - £20,000

Change a flash character style by text

<% If([Lineage]Flash_11="brown”)%><% write("{{brown}}" + [Lineage]Flash_11) %><% else %><% write("{{red}}"+[Lineage]Flash_11)%><% end if %>

i.e user inputs "brown" into Flash 11 - The flash uses character style "brown"
Otherwise any other text into the flash it will use the "red" character style