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Icons from left to right:

1. Rename your ad - this opens an edit box for you to rename the ad, this name will show in the Ad List.

2. Page Number - this allows you to change to another page of your ad.

3. Template drop down - this allows you to choose which template you want to use.

4. Choose Template - this also allows you to choose which template you want to use, but gives a preview of each in-case you are unsure of their names.

5. Flow your items onto the page - this will use the template selected and the stock order shown on the left, to place each stock onto the page in a left to right, top to bottom order.

6. Remove all from this page - this will remove all the current stock from the page (hold shift while clicking to apply to all pages)

7. Update all templates and rebuild - this will ensure the latest version of your templates are being used, this should be clicked for example if you have asked the newspaper to update your template design.

8. Create template from ad - this will create a template, which you can use in future, which keeps the layout of the templates (1x1s, 2x2s etc), this is handy if you use the same layout regularly and just change the stock.

9. Download a PDF preview - this will build the ad and generate a low-res PDF for you to open or save to your machine.

10. Approve the ad - this will approve the ad, if all requirements have been met. Common failures are poor quality images, empty positions or overflowing text.

11. Attach SMS codes - this is a feature added for SMS codes to be attached to ads, this is not available on all ads, please confirm with your newspaper if this can be used.

12. Zoom - Zoom In (to the right) or Out (to the left)

13. Reset Zoom - this reverts back to the page filling the space